ce_TabList Class

ce_TabList Class(ce_BaseWindowComponent),Implements(WindowComponent)

This class will take a Sheet control and convert it into list box representation of the TABs on the left. It is designed with a fairly narrow target but as long as you stay within the guidelines it seems to work well :)


Just add a new instance of this class to a window, follow the requirements below and call the init method and you should be good to go.


  • A Sheet control with TAB location set to LEFT
  • The TAB width needs to be set manually rather than left at zero
  • The class will not convert nested Sheets into a tree structure.
  • There are probably a lot of hard coded values for position and size of elements.

Class Properties

This document will not list all the public properties, take a look at the source code for them for now.

Class Methods


Before using any other methods you must call this Init method.


Init (WindowManager pWM, SIGNED pSheetFeq)
Type: WindowManager
The window manager to call AddItem on
FEQ value of the Sheet control to be adjusted.

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